The name and fame of a Great Saint spreads naturally and automatically like that of flowers fragrance. Like wise people desirous to know about emancipation are inspired by the greatness of this saint SWAMI HARISWARUP DASJI DHYANI SWAMI and come for his satsang.

Thus on one Sunday evening at about six, two IAS Officers entered THE SAINT NIVAS, after having darshan in THE SWAMINARAYAN TEMPLE constructed by DHYANI SWAMI. At that time one very old Saint was collecting corn in a basket with the help of a sieve. There was an empty sack and a broom at some distance. One of the officers hurriedly asked him, ”Swamiji, we want to see DHYANI SWAMI, where will he meet ?”

Adjusting his spectacles, the old saint replied, “He would meet you just now. Please be seated and wait in the office.” Both the officers sat in the office. The Officers were highly impressed by the peaceful and simple atmosphere of the office.

Meanwhile the old saint, who was winnowing wheat came there, took his seat and said, “I am DHYANI SWAMI. Say, what you have to say?” Both the officers who had heard higher talks of spirituality and godliness and had come here, were greatly touched seeing dutifulness even at the old age of 87. SWAMIJI is engrossed in public service work. SWAMIJI says”Devotees money should be used economically and also sensibly. So he often intimates his associations of saints. “We never go to earn it. This is devotee’s hard earned money, earned with sweat and it should never be wasted.” He attaches great importance to every single moment and every grain of single corn. DHYANI SWAMI keeps SAMA and RAJGARA in dish and rolls them softly with hand to see if there are any insects or impurities in it. He takes great care about this.

He pours the milk in the big bowl from thick plastic pouches. He would wash these plastic pouches with soap and water and hang them to dry and reuses these plastic bags to give PRASAD to devotees. He would make good use of those torn pieces. He would wear rubber slippers in Foreign Countries. When his devotees invite him to Europe and America, he would first get the consent letter of ACHARYA MAHARAJSHRI and get the blessings. His devotees always request him to get the Executive class ticket of Airplane, but he always travels in ordinary class.

The construction of the Gandhinagar temple was completed after nine years. Whenever he wanted to go to the upper slab, he would do it by sitting in a Trolley which carries cement and other materials.

Once in Gandhinagar samaiya, hordes of devotees had gathered. SWAMIJI found bad smell emanating from men’s toilet. SWAMIJI adjusted his dhoti above his knees, took a broom, a bucket, a bowl, phenol soap, powder and began to start cleaning toilet with cleaning agents. The followers were very much ashamed and said “Guruji, please don’t do the cleaning yourself and let us allow to do it please.” In a twinkle of eye, SWAMIJI sparklingly cleaned the toilet. He came out and had a bath twice. Again he had a third bath after going through a bathroom and became holy again.

When there was a flood ravage in Morbi, Vanthali, Shapur and Porbunder SWAMIJI prepared kits for affected people. SWAMIJI sent thousands of kits in Truck to affected area. The then Chief Minister of Gujarat State, Shri Babubhai Jasbhai Patel, knew that the relief kits have been sent by DHYANI SWAMI from Bhuj, he sent message of thanks to SWAMIJI immediately.

At the time of devastating earthquake in 2001, free kitchens were started at Bhuj, Anjar and Gandhidham without considering creed and cast by DHYANI SWAMI wherein more than five thousand people took meals at one time. This kitchen continued for three months. At that time of earthquake, he got prefab houses built for the sufferers.

At the time of draught famine in the year 1972 to 1975 and 1985, SWAMIJI sent corn, clothes in whole of Kutch. SHREE SWAMINARAYAN SATSANG FAMINE RELIEF FUND AND SHREE SWAMINARAYAN SATSANG SEVA SANCHAY were organized by him through which relief was sent to the middle class without any discrimination of cast and creed.

When Rev. SHREE DONGREJI MAHARAJ arrived at Bhuj for “KATHAMRIT” in 1970, Maharaj learnt meditation from DHYANI SWAMI. In 1972 PRAMUKH SWAMI of BAPS came to see DHYANI SWAMI specially said “Swamiji I longed for long time to have your darshan. You are doing a good work for the rise of satsang. DHYANI SWAMI replied “our work is to worship god and get him worshipped, isn’t it?.” “Shrihari Updeshamrut” and “Dhyanprakash” are his famous books.

At the village Kanbha, situated in Daskroi Taluka of Ahmedabad district, SWAMIJI has established “Sarvajiv Hitavah Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul.” The gurukul has classes from Standard 5 to 12 both in Gujarati as well as English medium and includes both science and commerce stream of education and are fully equipped with ultra modern teaching equipments. The specialty of this unit is that SWAMIJI has started there “SHRI HARI MEDICAL CENTER” where services of doctors and surgeons are available round the clock.

Even at mid night if a student has any difficulty he can meet SWAMIJI directly and SWAMIJI immediately removes the student’s difficulty. SWAMIJI has a wonderful and eternal gift of driving out any melody. He is a saint with “Nirwana Dristi” If any distressed person rings him a phone even at the odd time, SWAMIJI would talk with him. SWAMIJI has strictly informed the attendant to hand over the phone to him because he told them that people would phone him by spending money.

He says “All people on this earth are children of God and I believe it is my duty to help them. But all said and done, I am a small saint”. DHYANI SWAMI is very far from self publicity. He would suggest “Write crores of name of God, not ours”.

Really speaking God is sitting in the heart of DHYANI SWAMI. If any distressed person tells his distress, he would tell “I would pray to God and He will do good” and at the same time the distress is removed. Such is the power of his words. He is the saint having knowledge of three worlds-Trikal Gyani, but at the same time his achievement of his promise is wonderful. Lacs of his intelligent followers all over India and in the world and his biggest educated association of saints are eager to serve people.

In worldly terms swamiji has not completed education just as shri Ram Krishna Paramhans, who was not educated at all. But even people like Vidyasagar used to come for his advice regarding spiritual matters. Just like that Dhyani Swamiji is highly knowledgeable saint. His followers includes professors, Scientist, Doctors, Engineers, Chartered Accountants and other highly foreign qualified persons. Thus Dhyani Swamiji is a very great saint on this earth.

Prof Suryakant B Bhatt
6 A Swaminarayn Vidhyalay Road
Sanskar Nagar
Limda lane
Bhuj Kachchh 370001.

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